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    Industries We Serve

    Banking Sectors

    Our services extend to the banking sectors as well as all financial institutions looking to set up or enhance their physical security infrastructure.


    Shoping & Retail

    Our services extend to shopping centers,malls,mom and pop stores,kiosk etc.



    We set up IP Cameras on various transportation services, to aid management aid monitor their drivers as well as respond in time to any dangerous incident like robberies and accidents.


    Education Institute

    Our services extend to the Educational institutions, both private and public schools looking to set up or enhance their physical security infrastructure.


    City Public Area

    We set up a physical security infrastructure for public areas, to reduce security risk incidence.


    Real Estate

    Our real estate packages include setting up security cameras to monitor 24/7 lands,houses and other properties which need to be monitored round the clock.



    The Hospitality Industry such as restaurants, bars, lounges,airlines,travel agencies,hotels to AirBnBs etc. We help this industry set up a physical security infrastructure.


    Law Enforcement

    We also work with law enforcement agencies and aid them in setting up and monitoring security incidents which will help them be proactive in response.


    Telecom and Media

    We set up physical security infrastructure for telecommunication companies and media houses.

    Reasons Why Should
    Choose Us?

    24/7/365 Support

    We offer free 24hr support to our clients

    Affordable Rates

    Our prices are affordable


    We are the top most security company in ghana due to customer trust.

    Reliable and Proven

    We have a proven truck record

    Experts and Staff

    We have expert and excellent stuff so your facility is in safe hands.

    Our Best Features

    Safety in your Surroundings

    Where Caution Blends with Technology!

    Our access control system helps you control who or what has access to your private property.

    Surveillance Scam Kit
    CCTV Design House
    Counting Technology
    Smart Clamp Claws

    Enhance Your Customer safety

    Install real-time video verification and protect your consumers, selling, and profits.

    We set up for you an awesome video verification system in realtime, helping you protect your organization and property.

    False Alarm Reduction
    Fact-Based Responses
    Greater Customer Safety
    Videofied System

    Stay Secured from Fire Harms

    Fire alarm technology will keep your family safe, no matter what happens

    Get quick alert as to the impending danger using our alarm systems

    Automatic Detection
    Reducing False Alarms
    Addressable Fire Alarm System
    Remotely Monitored Fire Alarm

    Enhance Your Customer Experience

    Track and analyze buying behavior of each buyer with video analytics system

    Our video analytics helps you analyse the behaviour of your customers as well as potential danger criminals pose to your organization.

    Customer Enter/Exit Counts
    Mapping Customer Journeys
    Identifying Store Performance
    Event Based Analysis

    Keep your house close, anywhere you are

    Monitor and control your home’s devices with enhanced smartphone accessibility

    Our system helps you control your home devices from anywhere, helping you enhance your security.

    Complete Wireless Technology
    Control on Unauthorized Use
    Evaluate the Power Consumption
    Ease of Installation

    Protect Your Home From Anywhere

    Monitor and record video remotely with awesome IP network

    We set up an awesome ip camera for your organizations which enables you to monitor your organization or properties anywhere,anytime.

    Local File Storage
    Remote Video Monitoring
    Mobile Monitoring
    Secure Wireless Transmission

    Easily Monitor the Dynamic Environments

    Easily evaluate and monitor cloud-based services and applications

    We help integrate cloud based applications to aid in real time monitoring

    Proactive Detection
    Efficient Monitoring
    Global Visibility
    Customized Alerts

    High-Quality Safe and Secure Access

    Keep safe your home with authorized personal safe and secure access

    Keep your home and properties safe, be the only one to authorize personnel into your home.

    Real-time Notification
    Key- less Electric Lock
    Card and PIN option
    Bio-metric Fingerprint Option

    Protect Your Home From Anywhere

    Monitor your home from anywhere and anytime

    Record who or what has access to your property in realtime.

    Centralized Control Panel
    Surveillance Monitoring
    Video Analysis
    Live Recording

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